Welcome to Industrial Park in Nivala!

Founded in 1974, the Industrial Park in Nivala (Nivalan teollisuuskylä) is one of the largest and most vital industrial parks in Finland. We rent industrial and commercial premises for enterprises or have the premises constructed, administrate development projects and produce business development services together with our partners of cooperation.

High technology

High technology, efficient manufacturing and traditional agriculture live smoothly side by side in Nivala. We dare bravely say ”In Nivala everything is on a larger scale.” It can be seen both in amount of growth enterprises as well as business subsidies granted to our region.


Nivalan Teollisuuskylä on ollut mukana rakentamassa monenlaisen yrityksen tarinaa.

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Available premises

Introduction to Nivala Industrial Park Ltd.

Primary function of the company is to build and to rent industrial and business premises for enterprises as well as to develop economic life by development projects with partners.